A glass of wine on the other side of the Danube

The trip around the world to the Viennese place of longing. That’s what Grinzing must have been like back in the days as well.

The real Viennese prefer to drink their wine at a Heuriger in Stammersdorf. In the wine-growing region on the other side of the Danube, at the foot of Bisamberg, there are still many beautiful old lanes lined with vintners’ wine cellars. Small taverns in inconspicuous single-family houses from the 1960s are nestled up against premium vintners. Getting there is half the experience and definitely not a task for the impatient. But really, it is not that bad. The no. 31 tramway will take you from Schottenring across town directly to Stammersdorf. And, as they say: the journey is the reward. Especially when a glass of wine is waiting.


Stammersdorfer Hauptstraße

1210 Vienna


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