Vienna’s Aquaculture

Who needs an ocean with a lake like this? – The Old Danube is no traditional lake, even if it has been nearly 150 years since a tributary of the Danube River was diverted to create this standing body of water. No visitor can resist the charms of this relaxing spot, well-loved by Vienna’s residents.

A day at the Old Danube is like a quick little get-away to the Riviera. The difference being that you can get to the beach from downtown in just 9 minutes on the U1 subway line.

When the jingle starts playing at the end of the day, even the cabaneros have to get out of the water

Sun-hungry beachgoers will find a number of jetties hanging over the water, green grass for lounging and a number of public swimming beaches. And when the sun shines just right on the Old Danube, there will be a lot more grilling than just the chickens that are a standby in Viennese beachgoers’ buffets.

The most rustic of the beaches is Gänsehäufel. It has been a staycation spot for Vienna residents for over 100 years. Small rented cabins – everyone calls them cabanas – tend to serve as the summer residences of well-tanned retirees. But when the jingle starts playing at the end of the day, which is 20:00 in summer, even the cabaneros have to get out of the water.

The setting of the Old Danube is especially breathtaking. The Donau City skyline lends the sunset an urban character while beachgoers unwind on the bucolic shores. Those in the mood for romance could do worse than boating by moonlight, whether the vessel of choice is electric, a rowboat or a paddle boat.

All this vacationing works up an appetite, and those who are looking to end their day at Old Danube with a good meal won’t even need to leave the boat, but just pull up to the desired jetty: fresh fish at the Alte Kaisermühle, French cuisine at the restaurant La Creperie, Viennese specialties at Gasthaus Birner or beach vacation treats at the Bootshaus are a fitting end to the perfect summer day. 

More information about the summer days on the Old Danube.

Old Danube

U1 station

"Alte Donau"

1220 Vienna

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