Villa Villekulla

Don't worry. This is not about the colorful world of Pippi Longstocking. In this case, it's about a house
with a story. Or rather, with many stories. Because Otto Wagner Villa I on Hüttelberg has a few things to tell us. But let's start at the beginning:

The magnificent property was built at the end of the 19th century as the summer residence of the Wagner family. With its legendary summer parties and salons, the Art Nouveau jewel's reputation extended far beyond the city limits. Because the greats of their time came and went here: apart from welcoming Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos or Gustav Mahler, the Wagner Villa was a meeting place of fine Viennese artistic society. Stylistically, the residence is anchored in Historicism and was intended to pay homage to Wagner's favorite Italian architect, Palladio. Simply fantastico! Ben Tieber probably also thought the same. The Apollo Theater director and bon vivant of the time acquired the villa in 1912 and continued to hold lavish parties and receptions there, entirely in Wagner's spirit.

Fantastic splendor

Then, however, Wagner's villa fell silent for many years. Having been expropriated by the National Socialists, the former magnificent building passed into oblivion and finally fell victim to various speculative transactions that almost led to its collapse.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Ernst Fuchs finally brought a breath of fresh air and some fantastic ideas to
Hüttelbergstrasse 26. And did so literally – because the artist, who had dedicated himself to fantastic realism, spent two years having the property renovated and rebuilt, partly true to the original, partly according to his own ideas.

In 1988, right on time for its 100th anniversary, the Otto Wagner Villa was rededicated as the Ernst Fuchs Museum and thus opened to the public.

So anyone who has every wondered how and where Otto Wagner lived or thought about which fantastic worlds one can dive into with Ernst Fuchs is in exactly the right place here at the edge of the Vienna Woods.

Ernst Fuchs Museum in the Otto Wagner Villa

Hüttelbergstraße 26

1140 Vienna


Tu-Su, 10:00 - 16:00

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