Bathing in Art Deco

Air, light, and water – they're what the working person needs.

Vienna's social democratic mayor Karl Seitz once said this and brought a touch of luxury to the Favoriten workers' district in the form of a public swimming pool. From the outside, the colorful and elaborate interior can hardly be guessed at. The architecture is brilliant. What the kids of today find "stylish", the architects already understood in the 1920s. The interior was designed in the Art Nouveau style with colorful Art Deco elements. Even the changing rooms are stylish and some of the tiles and mosaics are still in their original condition.

It is a special pleasure to look through the glass roof into the sky while swimming backstroke. In the past, it was even possible to slide it on like a car roof – the Amalienbad was once a convertible pool!


Reumannplatz 23

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