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Alpine idyll in Vienna

Goats with their young on the Rautenweg landfill site

The Pinzgauer goats are the guardians of the landfill site. There are currently around 32 goats living on the site all year round.
Since the 1990s, these mountain goats have made this grassed-over landfill their home.

Behind Stadlau there is a hill. It is not particularly steep and it has no cross marking the summit. However, it is the highest mountain you can find in Vienna’s 22nd district. The highest and the most unusual, because the alpine meadow that covers this trash mountain at the Rautenweg landfill site is grazed by goats – for over twenty years now it has been home to a group of endangered Pinzgauer mountain goats. These agile creatures function as natural lawnmowers, keeping a neat finish on the grass that grows on the landfill site. And in the meantime they have also produced 100 kids at Rautenweg, making a great contribution to the conservation of the species.

Why are we telling you this?
The goats have brought over 100 babies into the world here.
Fully-grown animals can weigh up to 80 kg.

Because aside from the goats, the landfill site at Rautenweg also has another claim to fame: it is a fascinating destination for visitors, offering a glimpse behind the scenes of Vienna’s innovative waste management system. From May to October the trash mountain is open for visits and walks, admission free. Reservations are essential. The landfill site is not a petting zoo, however. The focus here is on sustainable waste management, and providing as natural a habitat as possible for the goats.

For further information and reservations, see www.wien.gv.at.

Rautenweg landfill site

Rautenweg 83

1220 Vienna


+43 1 588 17-48021

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