Viennese cuisine unplugged

What are the quintessentials of a real Viennese “beisl” (i.e. a Viennese bistro)? Mainly, wood paneling for a comfortable flair and simple chairs and tables. And, of crucial importance, the old counter in the front part of the establishment. No flashy interior design, no hoopla-turned-food on the plate. The menu offers a collection of local Viennese cuisine.

Gasthaus Ubl is the epitome of the Viennese beisl.

Scratchcard: Wipe away all the superfluous luxury with the mouse or your finger and discover the beisl as it was meant to be. Totally authentic.

Gasthaus Ubl

Preßgasse 26

1040 Vienna

+43 1 587 64 37

We-Su & hols 12:00-14:00 & 18:00-24:00

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