The perfect sound

There isn't much to read at this point. And not a sound to be heard. Because the perfect sound can only be experienced live: in Vienna, in the salon of piano manufacturer Bösendorfer. Since 1914, the elegant shop has been located in the same building as the Musikverein, one of the city's most musical venues. This flagship store not only offers advice and sales; everyone is welcome to take a look around and listen to the magic of the unique Bösendorfer sound. No sound file that we could upload here would replace this live moment. Don't miss the unique opportunity to create the Viennese sound yourself. Interactive and fully analog. Just imagine ....

First: Take a seat. Then: Run your fingers over the keyboard. Play notes. Close your eyes. Feel the sound. To play a Bösendorfer here means to touch the sound. That you'll remember forever.

A high-quality instrument is a piece of craftsmanship that the producer has already lent its soul to. The musician then gets this soul ringing – inexplicable, but true. A Bösendorfer also fascinates visually: the finest veneers, inlays and lacquers on the outside, the perfect interplay of technology and material on the inside, processed to the very highest quality.

Take a look inside!

Traditional master craftsmanship, aesthetics and Viennese sound: Made in Austria.

587 hours for a piano

It takes up to 587 hours of meticulous manual work, spread across an entire year, to create a beautiful instrument with the uniquely lively and brilliant Bösendorfer sound. Only 300 pianos are produced each year in Wiener Neustadt, around 48 kilometers outside Vienna - although "produced" is the wrong word: 120 piano-loving craftsmen personally shape each individual instrument with attention to detail. Even the apprentices are given piano lessons here. Every employee is part of this musical world – which you can hear in the instruments. Every customer receives a perfectly unique piece of the art of piano making.

Bösendorfer is almost 200 years old and the oldest piano manufacturer in the premium segment. The very best play and played Bösendorfer, from Duke Ellington to Oscar Peterson, from the Beatles to Bernstein, from Liszt to Gulda, from Michael Jackson to Tori Amos.

The instruments enchant with a unique sound, sensitive mechanisms and above all emotion.

Bösendorfer Salon

Bösendorferstraße 12 / Canovagasse 4

1010 Vienna


+43 1 504 665 13 10

Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00

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