Vienna through and through

In Vienna, we're famous for our cozy gemütlichkeit. This may perhaps have even led to a very local architectural peculiarity: the "Durchhaus", or passage. It enables the cozy ones among us to get from A to B quickly and without detours. Quite incidentally, the passage was also good for a quick chat along the way. Which explains why today's Viennese complain about the volume of their neighbors with a slightly irritated: "This is not a Durchhaus!". However, the often hidden paths connect not only houses but entire streets. A total of about 700 of these Viennese short-cuts are scattered all over the city just waiting to be discovered.

Sünnhof: Probably one of the best known passages in the city is located in the 3rd district.


Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 28

1030 Vienna


Lively and popular with everyone is the Raimundhof in the 6th district. The passageway is home to many pubs, restaurants and shops, and consists of several stairwells and courtyards. The passage connects the Mariahilfer Strasse shopping street with Windmühlgasse.


Mariahilfer Strasse 45

1060 Vienna


Hidden away from the hustle and bustle, you can discover a real gem in a new construction: the Adlerhof was built in 1874 and not only connects one house to the next but also leads directly from Siebensterngasse to Burggasse.


Siebensterngasse 46

1070 Vienna

Passage Neustiftgasse:

A short-cut that's always worthwhile taking can be found in the 7th district. The passage on Neustiftgasse offers a very special culinary treat with the Gastwirtschaft im Durchhaus (Inn in the Passage), as well as a range of selected shops.

Passage on Neustiftgasse

Neustiftgasse 16

1070 Vienna

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