The planetarium of the ideal world

Did you know that the snow globe is a Viennese invention? It was the grandfather of Erwin Perzy III, who accidentally came across this effect in his experiments. As a result, the first Viennese snow globe was created in 1900. The recipe for the artificial snow is naturally a well-kept family secret.

Today, Erwin Perzy III is the third generation to make it snow on miniature versions of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, and Giant Ferris Wheel. The Vienna Snow Globe Manufactory and its museum are based in an old house in suburban Hernals. Around 200,000 pieces are produced here every year and supplied to customers around the world.

Custom-made pieces are no rare event. You need the Obamas plus “First Dog” Bo in a snow globe as gift for the former presidential family? – No problem for Erwin Perzy III. Hopefully the Obamas were told how to make the snow in the globe fall properly: don’t shake it, but just turn it upside down and back again. – Snow flurry guaranteed!

Erwin Perzy III. on Original Viennese Snow Globes

Original Viennese snow globe maker & snow globe museum

Schumanngasse 87

1170 Vienna


+43 1 486 43 41

Mo-Th 09:00-15:00

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